Sunday, August 16, 2020

Skechers Beverlee Delighted with Luxe Foam--Fashion Review

Skechers Beverlee Delighted with Luxe Foam Sandals in Multi 

Readers of this blog know I am a fan of Skechers. However, I have finally found a pair that's not perfect. 

I avoided sandals with things, because they are said to be a cause of hammer toe. I went with cute, multi-color fabric straps and a low wedge heel, so I could wear them for light walking like errands, shopping or lunch with the girls.

Unfortunately, these shoes were slightly large and my toes slid out the front. Not only did this detract from the look, but it's hard to walk comfortably when your shoes are too big.

You can't get up and move easily to do even light walking if your shoes don't fit.

Fin out how I was able to fix them and make them even more comfortable than before!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Amy Grant Talks Open Heart Surgery on 'Good Morning America' Tomorrow | Christian Activities

Amy Grant on GOOD MORNING AMERICA with Robin Roberts Wednesday for First, Exclusive Interview Two Months After Life-Saving Open Heart Surgery.  

In June Christian Activities reported on Amy Grant’s recovery from heart surgery for PAPVR, a heart condition that is sometimes present at birth, in which one or two of the pulmonary veins of the heart drain blood into the right atrium instead of the left atrium. 

Now Grant will be appearing on “Good Morning America tomorrow, discussing the relatively rare open-heart procedure with Robin Roberts.

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Your Feet Will Love Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks

For Foot Odor and Comfortable Fit, Try Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks

Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes can hardly be beat for comfortable walking, but the memory foam that gives them such great support also leaves them with some odor if socks aren't worn. Since the shoes fit so well, only the thinnest of footie sock liners will work. That's why I invested in Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks. 

These Skechers footies also saved the day when I purchased some cheap Noracora Shoes where the seams rubbed my feat and the unattached inner soles came out every time I took the shoes off. Normal socks and footies would not fit but these Skechers no show mesh liners were the perfect way to fix the problem. Since they live up to their name and don't show (and they also don't slip or bunch up), they are a fashionable fix to my foot wear woes.

I love just about everything about the Skechers relaxed fit shoes, but I have to say, these Skechers liners made them even more comfortable-- to the point they almost feel slightly loose on my feet. They definitely solved my issues with the cheap Noracora shoes. $10 for three pair is not bad for socks that don't slip, slide or bunch. Give them a try!

Repairing the Inner Soles of Cheap Noracora Shoes

Recently I made the mistake of buying Noracora Shoes. Not only did I receive one pair that was around three sizes too small, but the pair that did fit had inner soles that popped out every time I took the shoes off. 

In case you wondered, it is really annoying to have your shoes' inner soles pop out every time you remove your shoes. Luckily, I came up with two good solutions to fix this problem.

The first fix is to simply wear super thin footy socks. The shoes are too tight to wear normal socks, but thin sock liners prevent my feet from sticking to the soles of these poorly made shoes. I ordered some socks from Skechers that work perfectly. With socks, the shoes don't rub my feet as badly, as well.

The second repair is to use double sided take to attach the inner soles to the shoes, as should have been done by the manufacturer. Actually, the manufacturer should have done even better than double sided tape, but be that as it may, the tape repair worked fine for me. I can wear my shoes both with socks and without socks and they work fine now.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Red Cross Fire Safety--Tennesseans Urged to Prepare for Home Fires | Christian Activities

The Tennessee Red Cross Encourages Communities to Test Smoke Alarms, Practice Escape Plans in Light of Recent Home Fire Fatalities with Red Cross Fire Safety Tips

Red Cross Fire Safety PSA for Tennesseans

The American Red Cross of the Tennessee Region is encouraging all citizens to make a home fire safety plan following an uptick in home fire fatalities in the state last month.
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Red Cross Fire Safety--Tennesseans Urged to Prepare for Home Fires 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Time & Money-- a Review

Noracora Shoes Not Worth the Time & Money

 A few months ago, I saw an ad for some Noracora shoes, the Women's Green Slide Hollow-Out Round Toe Casual Pu Sneakers Flats, to be exact, and I made the mistake of ordering them. To start the long list of problems with the Noracora casual sneakers, the insoles are not attached to the shoes, so they come out every time I take the shoes off. Every.Time. But that's just the beginning of my list of problems with Noracora shoes. 

The shoes are not comfortable, the seams rub my feet painfully, the tongue comes up too high and won't stay centered, and the Noracora website defaulted to the smallest size on another pair of flats when I placed my order. And don't get my started on their website review process and customer service.

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Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Money-- a Review:

Friday, July 3, 2020

Charles Billingsley to Talk COVID-19 on TBN’s 'Huckabee' July 11 | Christian Activities

Acclaimed Christian singer/songwriter, worship leader Charles Billingsley is scheduled to appear on TBN’s top-rated talk show “Huckabee” the weekend of July 11. Billingsley, who battled COVID-19 in April, will discuss his road to recovery and recent return to the stage. 

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Comparing ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs & Physician's Sleep Aid, Both with Melatonin, a Review

Product Review & Comparison: Comparing ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs with Melatonin to Physician's Sleep Aid with Melatonin 

So what do you do when you can't sleep but you don't want to take a prescription sleeping pill? Occasionally I have a little trouble falling asleep at bedtime, usually due to a change in schedule. I don't want to take a prescription sleeping pill for what is typically a mild, temporary sleeping problem. A natural sleep alternative would be nice.

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