Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Amy Grant Talks Open Heart Surgery on 'Good Morning America' Tomorrow | Christian Activities

Amy Grant on GOOD MORNING AMERICA with Robin Roberts Wednesday for First, Exclusive Interview Two Months After Life-Saving Open Heart Surgery.  

In June Christian Activities reported on Amy Grant’s recovery from heart surgery for PAPVR, a heart condition that is sometimes present at birth, in which one or two of the pulmonary veins of the heart drain blood into the right atrium instead of the left atrium. 

Now Grant will be appearing on “Good Morning America tomorrow, discussing the relatively rare open-heart procedure with Robin Roberts.

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Your Feet Will Love Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks

For Foot Odor and Comfortable Fit, Try Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks

Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes can hardly be beat for comfortable walking, but the memory foam that gives them such great support also leaves them with some odor if socks aren't worn. Since the shoes fit so well, only the thinnest of footie sock liners will work. That's why I invested in Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks. 

These Skechers footies also saved the day when I purchased some cheap Noracora Shoes where the seams rubbed my feat and the unattached inner soles came out every time I took the shoes off. Normal socks and footies would not fit but these Skechers no show mesh liners were the perfect way to fix the problem. Since they live up to their name and don't show (and they also don't slip or bunch up), they are a fashionable fix to my foot wear woes.

I love just about everything about the Skechers relaxed fit shoes, but I have to say, these Skechers liners made them even more comfortable-- to the point they almost feel slightly loose on my feet. They definitely solved my issues with the cheap Noracora shoes. $10 for three pair is not bad for socks that don't slip, slide or bunch. Give them a try!

Repairing the Inner Soles of Cheap Noracora Shoes

Recently I made the mistake of buying Noracora Shoes. Not only did I receive one pair that was around three sizes too small, but the pair that did fit had inner soles that popped out every time I took the shoes off. 

In case you wondered, it is really annoying to have your shoes' inner soles pop out every time you remove your shoes. Luckily, I came up with two good solutions to fix this problem.

The first fix is to simply wear super thin footy socks. The shoes are too tight to wear normal socks, but thin sock liners prevent my feet from sticking to the soles of these poorly made shoes. I ordered some socks from Skechers that work perfectly. With socks, the shoes don't rub my feet as badly, as well.

The second repair is to use double sided take to attach the inner soles to the shoes, as should have been done by the manufacturer. Actually, the manufacturer should have done even better than double sided tape, but be that as it may, the tape repair worked fine for me. I can wear my shoes both with socks and without socks and they work fine now.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Red Cross Fire Safety--Tennesseans Urged to Prepare for Home Fires | Christian Activities

The Tennessee Red Cross Encourages Communities to Test Smoke Alarms, Practice Escape Plans in Light of Recent Home Fire Fatalities with Red Cross Fire Safety Tips

Red Cross Fire Safety PSA for Tennesseans

The American Red Cross of the Tennessee Region is encouraging all citizens to make a home fire safety plan following an uptick in home fire fatalities in the state last month.
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Red Cross Fire Safety--Tennesseans Urged to Prepare for Home Fires 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Time & Money-- a Review

Noracora Shoes Not Worth the Time & Money

 A few months ago, I saw an ad for some Noracora shoes, the Women's Green Slide Hollow-Out Round Toe Casual Pu Sneakers Flats, to be exact, and I made the mistake of ordering them. To start the long list of problems with the Noracora casual sneakers, the insoles are not attached to the shoes, so they come out every time I take the shoes off. Every.Time. But that's just the beginning of my list of problems with Noracora shoes. 

The shoes are not comfortable, the seams rub my feet painfully, the tongue comes up too high and won't stay centered, and the Noracora website defaulted to the smallest size on another pair of flats when I placed my order. And don't get my started on their website review process and customer service.

Read my full review of Noracora shoes and service, click here:

Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Money-- a Review:

Friday, July 3, 2020

Charles Billingsley to Talk COVID-19 on TBN’s 'Huckabee' July 11 | Christian Activities

Acclaimed Christian singer/songwriter, worship leader Charles Billingsley is scheduled to appear on TBN’s top-rated talk show “Huckabee” the weekend of July 11. Billingsley, who battled COVID-19 in April, will discuss his road to recovery and recent return to the stage. 

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Comparing ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs & Physician's Sleep Aid, Both with Melatonin, a Review

Product Review & Comparison: Comparing ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs with Melatonin to Physician's Sleep Aid with Melatonin 

So what do you do when you can't sleep but you don't want to take a prescription sleeping pill? Occasionally I have a little trouble falling asleep at bedtime, usually due to a change in schedule. I don't want to take a prescription sleeping pill for what is typically a mild, temporary sleeping problem. A natural sleep alternative would be nice.

Read my review of these two natural sleep aids at:

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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Solar Gloves to Protect Your Hands & Arms for Summer

A collection of solar gloves

Solar Gloves Are an Optional Way to Protect Your Skin in the Summer

Summer is hard on your skin, and that's a fact. Photoaging causes most of the signs of aging to our skin. Dermatologists recommend liberal and regular application of sunscreen during the summer and early fall months to protect your skin from sun damage if you can't stay in the shade. 

Protective Clothing Is a Good Substitute for Sunscreen

However, if you can't stay indoors or under a tree and you don't want to keep up with sunscreen, protective clothing is another option to maintaining healthy skin. Hats, visors, long-sleeve shirts and long pants can protect your skin and so can solar gloves. 

Solar gloves come in many styles, fabrics and colors and provide various degrees of protection for the arms and hands. If you are wearing a t-shirt, long solar gloves will pull up all the way to the sleeve to protect the entire arm. So whether you are working in your garden or working out with a jog or a long hike, solar gloves are one way to keep your hands and arms out of the sun.

Read my review of solar gloves here:

Solar Gloves for Hands & Arms, a Review: While I can't say these solar gloves are fashionable, I can say they have a certain charm to them. More importantly, they cover your arms and...

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Leightweight Levi's Women's Bermuda Shorts for Summer

What's more comfortable on a hot summer day than some lightweight Bermuda shorts? These Bermuda shorts are long enough to protect your upper legs from the sun while still allowing allowing an occasional breeze to cool your lower legs. These Levi's Bermuda shorts are also lightweight enough to make walking, hiking, exercise and sports comfortable. 

Since it's important to get off the couch and get moving for a healthy lifestyle, you might as well enjoy fitness comfortably and in style.

Read my review here:

Cute & Comfortable Levi's Women's Bermuda Shorts--a Review: If you need some new summer shorts, these Levis Women's Bermuda Shorts are cute, comfortable and at $17.96, a decent price. The lightweight...

Women's Skechers Relaxed Fit Reggae Fest Wicker Slip-On Sneakers Review

Summer is the season of outdoor activities: walking, hiking, running to the store, shopping malls, athletic events, festivals and hanging out with friends, If you want your feet to be able to handle a lot of walking in style, these Women's Skecher Relaxed Fit Reggae Fest Wicker Slip-On Sneakers can't be beat for comfort and fashion! 

These stylish shoes are great for 30-somethings and baby boomers alike. I liked them so well, I just purchased a second pair of these comfy shoes in taupe.

Did you know?
The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, or roughly 1.5 to 2 miles.
That's not enough to keep your body healthy and to fight obesity. You can work up toward the recommended goal of 10,000 steps a day by walking more wearing these cute and comfortable shoes.

Remember, if you are walking outdoors, don't forget the sunscreen!

Read my review of these Women's Skechers at the link below:

Women's Skechers Relaxed Fit Reggae Fest Wicker Slip-On Sneakers Review:   The Perfect Shoes for Summer The Skechers Women's Relaxed Fit Reggae Fest Wicker Slip-On Sneakers are the perfect shoes for summer! I hardly ever give a product 5 stars....

Thursday, April 9, 2020

New Tennessee Coronavirus Stats Announced

New stats were announced today for Tennessee in regards to the Coronoavirus pandemic. Christian Activities takes a look at what Tennessee is doing right and what it is doing wrong in the fight against COVID-19.

As reported on this blog, Tennessee was once listed as the 3rd worst state in Coronavirus preparation. Has the state stepped up its COVID-19 preparations yet?

Read the articles here

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tennessee Falls to 3rd Least Aggressive State In Coronavirus Preparation

Tennessee is loosing ground in the battle against Coronavirus preparation according to one study. The Coronavirus aggressiveness study indicates that the Volunteer State is not prepared enough for COVID-19 and places Tennessee near the bottom of the list in a ranking based upon preparedness.. 

While many states are taking actions such as closing non-essential businesses, banning small gatherings, and ordering people to shelter in place to fight the spread of the coronavirus, WalletHup feels Tennessee is not doing enough. 

WalletHub released updated rankings today on the Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus, as well as accompanying videos. Tennessee has fallen from the 9th Least Aggressive state to 3rd least aggressive state against COVID-19 according to the study. 

To identify which states are taking the largest actions to combat coronavirus, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 46 key metrics. The data set ranges from tested cases of COVID-19 per capita to school closures, ICU beds, and shelter-in-place policies. Below, you can see highlights from WalletHub’s report, along with a summary of the largest rank changes from our previous report and a Q&A with WalletHub analysts.

Aggressiveness Against the Coronavirus in Tennessee (1=Best, 25=Avg.):
  • 45th – State and Local Public Health Laboratories per Capita
  • 27th – Tested Cases of COVID-19 per Capita
  • 35th – Public Hospital System Quality
  • 43rd – Share of Workers with Access to Paid Sick Leave
  • 41st – Total Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Funding Per Capita
  • 21st – Public Healthcare Spending per Capita
Note: Rankings reflect data available as of 2 p.m. ET on March 23, 2020.

To view the full Coronavirus report and your state or the District’s rank, please visit:

Click here for my list of  Top 10 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Safety Tips.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Top 10 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Safety Tips When You Have to Get Out

Many cities and states are now under lockdown, including Nashville. As people start to take Coronavirus more seriously, many are wondering what to buy to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19 when they have to go out shopping for groceries.

While Coronavirus is not deadly in most cases, people over 60 and those with a history of pulmonary problems, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and hypertension are more at risk. I had pneumonia when I was 24 followed by ongoing issues with bronchitis. This means I am more at risk, so I am taking novel coronavirus seriously.

The CDC and WHO both have information on their sites that will be helpful, but if you are looking for a few shopping tips from Amazon that can be applied to other stores, here are some of my personal recommendations. These safety basics may seem overboard to some readers, but I believe in "better safe than sorry."

Top 10 Coronavirus Safety Tips

1. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY. Always wash your hands after shopping or any interaction with other people or touching any public surfaces. Using soap and warm water, and washing all surfaces of the hands, fingers and wrist for 20-30 seconds work better than hand sanitizer. Wash your hands immediately after opening doors, shaking hands, pumping gas, etc. Better yet, use a paper towel or disposable gloves to open doors or pump gas and discard immediately, and avoid shaking hands to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

2. DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Do not touch your face. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes, like the plague, pardon the pun.

3. COUGH & SNEEZE PROPERLY. Sneeze and cough into your elbow to avoids spreading Coronavirus germs.

4. USE HAND SANITIZER. If you must go out, carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you for times when you cannot wash your hands.
Tips on maintaining social distancing during COVID-10

5. MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING. Practice social distancing. Stay 3 - 6 feet apart from others. Better yet, stay at home whenever possible. To avoid interacting with others, consider shopping online for supplies whenever possible, or use a shopping service to limit your exposure to Coronavirus.

6. DISINFECT SURFACES: Decontaminate after going out with spray disinfectants. Use on your steering wheel and any seats or trunk where you place items. Spray the bottoms of your shoes before entering the house. Alcohol-based disinfectants seem to work well against COVID-19.
Note: Spray disinfectants are not recommended for use on skin or clothing.

7. DISINFECT  CLOTHES. Wear clothes you can wash and dry on the hottest settings. Drop your dirty clothes in the washing machine immediately without touching other surfaces. Wash on hot setting with a disinfecting detergent, put in dryer on hot setting, and put on fresh clothes immediately. Spray the laundry area with disinfectant to avoid contamination from infected clothes.

8. PROTECT YOUR FACE Amazon carries a huge selection of Face masks, but these can be tricky to find. It has been widely reported that only N95 masks work against Coronavirus, and those are hard to find. It is easier to find Level 3 face masks and lower face masks, but even those face masks are difficult to find. I found a Level 5 face mask that said it had an N95 filter layer to stop bacteria, but it sold out before I could post it. Level 5 masks that have or allow you to insert an N95 filter might be decent protection, and they might keep reappearing as new stock comes in, so check back often if you need a few masks.
Note: Please do not hoard face masks. Our medical professionals need them desperately so please stay home and avoid getting out rather than stocking up on masks.

Painters masks also might afford some protection.if you can find filters for them that block organic matter like bacteria and germs.

9. PROTECT YOUR EYES. Since there is evidence COVID-19 can transmit through the thin membranes of the eyes, eye protection is also important. Amazon also carries a wide assortment of Safety Googles, such as these basic safety goggles They also have safety glasses that look like normal glasses if you don't want to look like you are wearing goggles.

Other items to protect the head, hair and face include machine washable baseball caps, shamaghs, nd even face shields,

10. WEAR DISPOSABLE GLOVES: Disposable gloves are also important to have on hand for opening doors, pumping gas, handling trash, and other contaminated surfaces, as well as taking care of sick family members.

List your own Coronavirus safety suggestions in the comments below.


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Friday, March 20, 2020

Tennessee 9th Least Aggressive State Against Coronavirus

With states taking actions such as closing bars and restaurants or banning large gatherings to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus as well as accompanying videos.

To identify which states are taking the largest actions to combat coronavirus, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 35 key metrics. The data set ranges from tested cases of COVID-19 per capita and state legislation on the pandemic to the uninsured population and share of the workforce in affected industries. Below, you can see highlights from WalletHub’s report, along with a Q&A with WalletHub analysts.

Aggressiveness Against the Coronavirus in Tennessee (1=Best, 25=Avg.):
  • 45th – State and Local Public Health Laboratories per Capita
  • 40th – Tested Cases of COVID-19 per Capita
  • 35th – Public Hospital System Quality
  • 43rd – Share of Workers with Access to Paid Sick Leave
  • 41st – Total Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Funding Per Capita
  • 21st – Public Healthcare Spending per Capita
Note: Rankings reflect data available as of 5 p.m. ET on March 16, 2020.

For the full report, please visit:

Red Cross Tennessee Update on COVID-19 

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Red Cross Tennessee Update on COVID-19


The American Red Cross now faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now, as well as in the weeks to come to help patients who are counting on lifesaving blood.

At press time, more than 4,500 Red Cross blood drives have been canceled across the country amid COVID-19 concerns. That translates to about 150,000 fewer blood donations nationwide.

On Friday, March 20, the Regional Executive for the American Red Cross of Tennessee, Joel Sullivan and Tennessee Dept. of Health Commissioner, Dr. Lisa Piercey will join forces to encourage all healthy citizens to donate blood. Both Sullivan and Dr. Piercey will donate blood after a media briefing on the latest affects of COVID-19 and blood donation.

Workplaces, college campuses and schools are canceling their blood drives as these locations temporarily close and more people are being told to work remotely and practice social distancing. “We are expecting cancellations to continue to increase,” said Sullivan, “This is causing much concern for blood collection organizations, like the Red Cross, as well at hospitals across the country.”  The American Red Cross supplies more than 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply.

Sullivan and Dr. Piercey will address the media before their scheduled donation at 10 a.m. – If you decide to participate, please park in the parking deck and follow signs to the first floor and donation center lobby.


About the American Red Cross:
The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or visit us on Twitter at @RedCross.

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

FTC Goes After MLM Neora, Formerly Nerium, for Illegal Pyramid Scheme

Two Nerium containers back when I tried it circa 2014.

Nerium has always had a questionable reputation. I have to assume that was one reason--perhaps the main reason--the company changed its name to "Neora." Apparently, watchdog group Truth In Advertising shares that opinion.

As someone who writes skincare articles and has written them for sites like Yahoo and Examiner, I was contacted during Nerium's early boom and offered a free trial. I tried it and it burned my skin. Not only that, but the product was held in small containers hidden inside much larger plastic containers.

This prompted me to do a great deal of research into the product and discover it was the brainchild of a serial MLM marketer Jeff Olson who used dubious claims and faulty science as well as fake endorsements to hawk his latest MLM product.

His early claims tried to tie the company's research into MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. The cancer center was forced to respond with this article: 
Setting the record straight about MD Anderson and Nerium
Actor Ray Liotta sued the company for using his images in a fake before and after photo for Nerium AKA Neora. 
Ray Liotta Claims Skincare Company Faked His Endorsement

A search for Nerium burn turns up page after page of people complaining and even suing the company over chemical burns caused by the product. I experienced a Nerium chemical burn first hand, and it was painful and disfiguring until it cleared up after I used a product called Soothe to heal the burn. 

In 2017, Nerium's Jeff Olson was accused of massive, multi-million dollar fraud by Nerium SkinCare (NSC) and Nerium Biotechnology (NBI), partners of Nerium International. The Nerium partners asked in the lawsuit for inspection of the books. 
Nerium Under Fire for Fraud 

Now Neora has moved beyond Nerium's bad skin care into dangerous new ground,  and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is not pleased. The Federal Trade Commission has sued the multi-level marketer Neora, and its Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Olson, alleging that the company is basically an illegal pyramid scheme that falsely promises its recruits they will achieve financial independence if they join the scheme. 

That's bad enough, but the lawsuit also alleges that Neora and Olsen deceptively promote “EHT” supplements "as an antidote to concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy caused by repetitive brain trauma, as well as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease."

According to the FTC website, the FTC is seeking to permanently stop the Neora defendants’ deceptive practices and return money to consumers.

FTC Sues Multi-Level Marketer Neora, formerly known as Nerium, Alleging it Operates as an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

It pays to do your due diligence before trying skin care products or becoming a rep for any company. Never just read the company's literature. Google it. 

Many MLMs are run ethically and provide good products that benefit consumers like legacy companies Mary Kay, Avon and Rodan + Fields. The term MLM is not a bad word, but companies like Nerium/Neora give it a bad reputation.

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Have you heard of Nerium Skincare?

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