Saturday, July 25, 2020

Repairing the Inner Soles of Cheap Noracora Shoes

Recently I made the mistake of buying Noracora Shoes. Not only did I receive one pair that was around three sizes too small, but the pair that did fit had inner soles that popped out every time I took the shoes off. 

In case you wondered, it is really annoying to have your shoes' inner soles pop out every time you remove your shoes. Luckily, I came up with two good solutions to fix this problem.

The first fix is to simply wear super thin footy socks. The shoes are too tight to wear normal socks, but thin sock liners prevent my feet from sticking to the soles of these poorly made shoes. I ordered some socks from Skechers that work perfectly. With socks, the shoes don't rub my feet as badly, as well.

The second repair is to use double sided take to attach the inner soles to the shoes, as should have been done by the manufacturer. Actually, the manufacturer should have done even better than double sided tape, but be that as it may, the tape repair worked fine for me. I can wear my shoes both with socks and without socks and they work fine now.

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