Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Skin Care Tips

Memorial Day Skin Tips 

 Memorial Day may be in the spring, but it is the unofficial start to summer. Is your skin ready?

Here are a few beauty tips on protecting your skin as the sun gets brighter and hotter.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Exclusive: Dermatologists Changing the Face of Beauty with New Technology - Yahoo Voices -

Exclusive: Dermatologists Changing the Face of Beauty with New Technology

What's the Latest Buzz in Skin Care?

What's new in skin care? The latest beauty buzz has revolved around the new products and skin care technology being released by the innovative Dermatologists who were awarded the Cosmetic Executive Women's Award in 2003 for changing the direction of the industry.

From micro-needle derma rollers to macro exfoliators, the latest skin care technologies from trained dermatologists involved in research and in active practice are giving better and faster results in the comfort of your home without the need for expensive procedures and invasive surgery.

These skin care and beauty tools typically cost less than one procedure and provide up to one year of use. No longer do consumers have to drive to a dermatologist's office, wait in the waiting room, and then pay for the office visit plus whatever procedure or work was done.

Find out more at: Exclusive: Dermatologists Changing the Face of Beauty with New Technology - Yahoo

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From the Cosmetics Counter to Skin Care Over Wine & Appetizers

If you click the link below, it will take you to more photos of me hard at work... on a yacht. I went from selling Avon door to door, to selling cosmetics and skin care behind the counter at Macy's Depatment stores, to telling my story to my friends and acquaintances over cocktails and appetizers.

It turns out the most effective way to help people with skin care is directly, either face to face or answering questions over the phone or internet, but I don't have to carry a sample case and I don't have to stand on my feet for hours behind a cash register. In addition, I don't have to handle orders or returns.

All I have to do is wash my face and tell my story!

See photos here: Rodan + Fields Skincare News from Independent Consultant Kathryn Darden

I sell dermatologist skin care products that have passed rigorous independent clinical trials, and I do it from the comfort of my home, or over appetizers...or on a yacht. Since the products are made by the creators and owner of Proactive for acne, we will be building upon Proactiv's success around the globe.

The company I work for supplies me with all the tools I need to be successful, from a product website and a business website, to a library of videos, articles and other helpful information.

The one thing that is the most compelling about Rodan + Fields, especially my team that I am so grateful for, is our training. Not only do we have the award-winning corporate Rodan + Fields training, but we have amazing training by phone, internet and power points that are prepared by our team leaders and that are not available to the rest of the company. The thing that is most important in network marketing is great training and great leadership.

If you would like to earn a second income in the booming anti-aging skin care  industry where ample training is provided by both the company and our own team leaders, contact me.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why "All-Natural Organic" Ingredients Are NOT Better for Your Skin

Medicinal Does NOT = Toxic

If your child has cancer, diabetes or heart disease you will seek out the best medicine. If you have high blood pressure or kidney disease, you go to a doctor and get a prescription, so can we get real about "all natural organic" skin care for a minute?

Although they can enhance healing, by themselves, plants, herbs and oils are probably NOT going to cure your illness unless they have been enhanced through science and become a medicinal ingredient. Why do some people think "all-organic" or "all-natural" means "better" when treating the skin?

While a small temporary skin irritation may respond favorably to something soothing like aloe, and botanicals and natural ingredients can certainly enhance skin care products, without medicinals they are NOT going to change your skin. It may look and feel smoother with the cream on your skin, but when you wash it off, your skin is a day older and nothing has changed.

You Shall Not Pass!

Much like Gandalf holding off the Balrog on the bridge in "The Lord of the Rings," your skin does not let most organics and chemicals pass. If your skin is a bridge, it is guarded by Gandalf and half a dozen other gatekeepers.

Skin is NOT a Digestive Organ! 

Unlike your intestines, which were created to absorb nutrients, skin is equipped with several barriers to keep foreign matter--even water molecules out. If this were not the case, imagine diving into a pool and your skin absorbing the water and then trying to haul your thickened, water-filled layers of dermis and
epidermis back out of the pool.

If you think your skin absorbs everything into your blood stream directly from the surface, then your body must get twice as bloated as the water absorbs through the skin and into your system after you shower. The only skin which DOES react to the water is the extra-thick layer of dried out, dead keratin cells skin on the hands and feet which temporarily puff up a little and cause those finger wrinkles you get after being in the tub for a while. If the skin doesn't even absorb water easily, how is organic matter possibly going to make it through the protective barriers to change your skin?

That's why medicines and cosmeceuticals have carriers or “penetration enhancers” that help the skin absorb the appropriate ingredients like vitamin C or retinol which simply can't penetrate the skin by

So the composition of the ingredient applied to the skin determines its possibility of entering the skin—primarily the molecule size and solubility of the molecule or ingredient, and Mother Nature just didn't create most of her organics with molecules small enough and soluble to pass.  Forget all the scare stories put out by the booming "all-natural organic" industry which profits from your fear--most natural ingredients and even most chemicals--DO NOT MAKE IT PAST THE SKIN'S SURFACE. And those that do are usually flushed out and disposed of by the body's waste removal system.

The right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order is an exact science, so if you want safe, dermatologist created, and clinically tested products based on botanicals AND medicinals that REALLY WORK, contact me for details.  

Originally published at Rodan + Fields Skincare News from Independent Consultant Kathryn Darden

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Products & Specials: Foaming Sunless Tanner

Products & Specials:  

Foaming Sunless Tanner is now back in stock. Healthy ingredients, no UVA or UVB rays. So good it sold out and we had to make more of this healthy skin treatment and self tanner! Contact me for details!