Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Ice Carrats Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl Bracelet--a Review


For Christmas 2020, we decided to give cultured pearls as gifts. My husband gave his mother a beautiful strand of black pearls several years ago, so we thought it would be nice to follow that up with a matching black freshwater cultured pearl bracelet this year. Since she lives in a different state, we turned to Amazon.

We found what looked like the perfect bracelet from Ice Carrats for $31. Then we found a set of five genuine freshwater cultured pearl bracelets in various shades for much less-- around $11. The set included a black pearl bracelet which would match my own necklace of black pearls. 

When the bracelets arrived, I was surprised to find noticeable scratches on 2 or 3 of the pearls on the Ice Carrats bracelet. Since we barely had time to ship in time for Christmas, I didn't suggest we try a return. The cheaper black pearl bracelet was beautiful. 

Sometimes a higher-priced item is not worth the money. This was the case with the Ice Carrats bracelet.

Ice Carrats Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl Bracelet Review

I give the Ice Carrats freshwater cultured pearl bracelet 3 out of 5 stars. It was a pretty bracelet if you didn't notice the flaws, but it was expensive for the value.

I give the generic set of 5 freshwater cultured pearl bracelets 5 stars for attractive bracelets with a nice finish at a great price. 

Ice Carrats Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl Bracelet ***
Generic Freshwater Cultured Pearls Set of 5 Bracelets *****

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Beautiful Intrigue Locket from Brighton Is Stunning--a Review


The Intrigue line of jewelry from Brighton is one of my top favorites. I like it so much I have a small Intrigue necklace, matching earrings and the Intrigue bracelet. A combination of mixed metals--gold and silver--with an intricate design and Swarovski crystals, makes each piece versatile as well as beautiful. 

Intrigue Convertible Locket Necklace

The stunning centerpiece of the collection is the Intrigue Convertible Locket Necklace. Larger than the other pieces, the pendant drop is 1 7/8 inches. The chain is adjustable and will hang at 18" or 30 inches depending on how you adjust the chain. Best of all, this lovely two-toned locket can hold your favorite photo. 

At Brighton the price is $108

Intrigue Convertible Locket Necklace Review

This Intrigue necklace is so pretty, I am giving it 5 stars for beauty, versatility, and design, even though I think it is a bit overpriced. The locket is stunning and that almost makes the price worth every penny.
Intrigue Convertible Locket *****
for Brighton's Love Lockets Intrigue Convertible Locket Necklace

Find Brighton jewelry on Amazon.

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