Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bruce Caitlyn Jenner vs. Healthy Body Image

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Typically this blog does not cover current events and controversial topics. In the past, Bruce Jenner would only have made this blog back in his Olympic days as a health and wellness icon and Caitlyn Jenner would not be a topic this blog normally address. However, because of the overwhelmingly positive response the media is giving this topic, I feel like I need to speak out.

In recent years, if a model loses weight to get on the cover of a fashion magazine or has parts of herself Photoshopped, it is offensive to our society. Blog posts, Facebook images, and YouTube videos are devoted to the perceived injury the practice of airbrushing and Photoshopping models does to the psyches of young girls because it might give them unrealistic body image expectations.

Thigh gap is highly criticized as not being a healthy body image with many memes about how unrealistic thigh gap is found on social media. If a model or actress loses weight, they are often the subject of harsh criticism from the Body Image Police. Even Barbie dolls have been the focus of cultural ire because in some eyes they do not support a healthy body image.

And yet if a man alters the sexual identity of his body, it is now celebrated. While Barbie dolls, skinny models and thigh gap are seen as bad influences on society because of their alleged negative impact on body image, undergoing extensive and doubtless expensive treatments to change a body from male to female is lauded as courageous??? What is wrong with this picture?

For those who are appalled I would even mention Caitlyn Jenner's "transformation" because it is "his business what he does with his body, " bear in mind -- Bruce Jenner is making a ton of money on his transgender transformation. He is doing it publicly in magazines and TV shows in an ostentatious manner that begs comments. He is making it a publicity stunt which is another bad example for impressionable young minds.  Nothing about the Jenner sex change supports a healthy body image.