Friday, November 27, 2015

Tim McGraw: Redefining Life on the Road

McGraw performing for the U.S. Air Force in 2003

Tim McGraw is redefining life on the road and opens up to Men’s Journal in their December issue, on newsstands tomorrow, about his workout. The 48-year-old country star traded late-night boozing on tour for intense daily workouts with the crew; “We do high-energy shows – if I don’t go work out, you can tell a difference.”
“When I’m on tour, I work out with about 10 guys from my band, crew, and security. Or rather, I start the workouts with 10 guys. By the time I’m done, only three are still going. I got the athletic gene from my father [major league pitcher Tug McGraw], and I played every sport in high school and a lot in college. But I never, you know, exercised. Lifting weights and training is a recent thing for me.”
“I started when I hit my early forties. It wasn’t easy to look the way I wanted to look. Stuff didn’t fit, and late-night beer sessions didn’t help. I found myself trying to camouflage things, and every evening I’d try to find something I’d look halfway decent in onstage. I decided if I wanted to play music for a long time, and compete with the younger artists coming up, and be around for my grandkids, then I needed to take care of myself.”

McGraw is also known for his faith -- another healthy habit that redefines him.
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