Friday, January 4, 2019

Eating Healthy Garbage--Tasty Broth

Making a Tasty & Healthy Broth from Food We Typically Throw Away

If the title of this blog posts conjures up images of someone eating from a trash can, you aren’t far from wrong. I have discovered a new way to recycle food by making a healthy broth from the pieces and parts we would throw away. I now freeze small bags of...well... garbage to use to make healthy meals.

We throw away the outer green layer of an onion because it is a little rubbery, but I toss it in a freezer bag. After harvesting herbs I take the leftover bare branches and twigs and add them to the freezer bag. The same goes for eggshells, parts of celery I discard, bones, etc. They all get tucked away in my freezer until I have enough to make a tasty broth.

When I am ready for some more, I just grab a bag of discarded food from the freezer, toss in a little seasoning, and add some water. After cooking in a crockpot in low for about 20 hours, I strain out the broth and throw the garbage away. The broth is so healthy with all its nutrients and is wonderful in soups and rice dishes. This broth is perfect for penny-pinchers and people who don’t like to waste anything as well as those who like healthy home-cooked dishes. So save your garbage to eat later. You’ll be glad you did!

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