Thursday, January 18, 2018

Severe Winter Weather Preparation for Home Propane Users

As the Southeast prepares for more cold winter temperatures, Blossman Gas shares some important propane safety tips

How to Prepare Your Home for Severe Winter Weather
·         Schedule your tank and appliances for a maintenance check by your propane provider
·         Be sure there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank. Federal regulations do not allow propane providers to fill your tank more than 80%. Your optimal tank level is between 25% and 80%. If your level is below 20%, please contact your service provider for a fill.
·         Keep the area around your propane tank and any vents, chimneys, flues free from ice and snow.
·         Be sure your propane generator is well-maintained, stored outdoors away from open windows and doors, and there is adequate supply of fuel in the tank; and be sure to use high-quality extension cords designed for outside use to connect your propane generator to your home.
·         NEVER store propane tank indoors.
·         Notify your propane provider immediately if you run out of propane as a qualified technician must check for leaks before turning the gas back on.

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About Blossman Gas: Propane is a naturally safe, clean energy source that is used in millions of homes. Blossman Gas & Appliance has been providing comfort to families throughout the Southeast for more than 60 years. Blossman is a full-service company that provides everything from propane delivery to appliance sales, installation and service. For more information, call 1.888.Blossman or visit

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Warning: Intimate Rose Herbal Supplement Natural Horomone Balance Estrogen Pills Are Not Estrogen Pills

I was contacted by the company Intimate Rose through a program called Intellifluence and offered a free bottle of estrogen pills to try if I would post a photo of them and share it with the company. I agreed because I have readers of all ages and estrogen loss from surgeries, menopause and other causes is of concern to a number of my readers. Estrogen therapy has a bad name due to tests on an estrogen drug called Premarin, and many women prefer to try alternatives.

I agreed to participate in the Intellifluence promotion to learn more about these Intimate Rose Natural Hormone Balance Estrogen pills. I was curious what kind of natural estrogen they were using. This is how the listing appeared on Amazon:

Menopause Relief Herbal Supplement For Hot Flashes, Mood Swings & Libido - Natural Horomone Balance Estrogen Pills - DIM, Black Cohosh & Vitamin D, E, B Passion Flower & Red Clover - Feminine Therapy 

Called "estrogen pills" twice in the listing

The Amazon listing provided by Intimate Rose refers to the pills twice as "estrogen pills," underlined in red in the photo above.

After receiving the package the first thing I noticed is the packaging says these are NOT estrogen pills. I contacted the seller on Amazon  and discovered I was corresponding with Distinguished Excellence. Distinguished Excellence told me on Dec. 9 that I must have read the listing wrong, that they weren't called estrogen pills. I replied pointing out the two places the pills are clearly labeled as estrogen pills and the company said they would change the description and offered me a refund if I would provide the order number which I promptly did.
Note my question about estrogen and others' concern about Black Cohosh

I followed up twice in December asking when I would receive the refund and Distinguished Excellence never replied.

In January I contacted Intellifluence to report the problem. The transaction was so convoluted with the seller being both Intimate Rose (clearly named next to the item description) and Distinguished Excellence being the seller who replied to my questions, that Intellifluence decided it wasn't the same transaction. Not so "Intelli" after all.

Finally I contacted Amazon who immediately took care of my problem.

* Thumbs down for these Estrogen Pills which are not Estrogen Pills and which have questionable ingrdients based upon other questions to the seller.
* Thumbs down for Intimate Rose and Distinguished Excellence, the dubious sellers of the non-estrogen estrogen pills.
* Thumbs down for Intellifluence who did not help me get a refund from a bad seller.
* Two thumbs up for Amazon for their prompt resolution.
Herbal supplements are regulated by the FDA, but not as drugs or as foods. 
They fall under a category called dietary supplements. 
The rules for dietary supplements are as follows: 
Manufacturers don't have to seek FDA approval before selling 
dietary supplements
Herbal supplements: What to know before you buy - Mayo Clinic
This is just another reason why "all-natural" products don't impress me. They are often untested, unregulated, and depend on all-natural hype and not less-than-perfect science to sell their products. These pills should never have been listed as "Estrogen Pills" even though they are called "Herbal Supplements" elsewhere in the description. There also seems to be some question about the safety of some of the ingredients. Do your due diligence before you buy "all-natural." The all-natural industry is a big, money-making machine with a lot of spin doctors just like big Pharma.

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