Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Ice Carrats Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl Bracelet--a Review


For Christmas 2020, we decided to give cultured pearls as gifts. My husband gave his mother a beautiful strand of black pearls several years ago, so we thought it would be nice to follow that up with a matching black freshwater cultured pearl bracelet this year. Since she lives in a different state, we turned to Amazon.

We found what looked like the perfect bracelet from Ice Carrats for $31. Then we found a set of five genuine freshwater cultured pearl bracelets in various shades for much less-- around $11. The set included a black pearl bracelet which would match my own necklace of black pearls. 

When the bracelets arrived, I was surprised to find noticeable scratches on 2 or 3 of the pearls on the Ice Carrats bracelet. Since we barely had time to ship in time for Christmas, I didn't suggest we try a return. The cheaper black pearl bracelet was beautiful. 

Sometimes a higher-priced item is not worth the money. This was the case with the Ice Carrats bracelet.

Ice Carrats Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl Bracelet Review

I give the Ice Carrats freshwater cultured pearl bracelet 3 out of 5 stars. It was a pretty bracelet if you didn't notice the flaws, but it was expensive for the value.

I give the generic set of 5 freshwater cultured pearl bracelets 5 stars for attractive bracelets with a nice finish at a great price. 

Ice Carrats Freshwater Cultured Black Pearl Bracelet ***
Generic Freshwater Cultured Pearls Set of 5 Bracelets *****

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