Sunday, July 12, 2020

Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Time & Money-- a Review

Noracora Shoes Not Worth the Time & Money

 A few months ago, I saw an ad for some Noracora shoes, the Women's Green Slide Hollow-Out Round Toe Casual Pu Sneakers Flats, to be exact, and I made the mistake of ordering them. To start the long list of problems with the Noracora casual sneakers, the insoles are not attached to the shoes, so they come out every time I take the shoes off. Every.Time. But that's just the beginning of my list of problems with Noracora shoes. 

The shoes are not comfortable, the seams rub my feet painfully, the tongue comes up too high and won't stay centered, and the Noracora website defaulted to the smallest size on another pair of flats when I placed my order. And don't get my started on their website review process and customer service.

Read my full review of Noracora shoes and service, click here:

Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Money-- a Review:

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