Saturday, July 25, 2020

Your Feet Will Love Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks

For Foot Odor and Comfortable Fit, Try Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks

Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes can hardly be beat for comfortable walking, but the memory foam that gives them such great support also leaves them with some odor if socks aren't worn. Since the shoes fit so well, only the thinnest of footie sock liners will work. That's why I invested in Skechers 3 Pack Sport Mesh No Show Liner Socks. 

These Skechers footies also saved the day when I purchased some cheap Noracora Shoes where the seams rubbed my feat and the unattached inner soles came out every time I took the shoes off. Normal socks and footies would not fit but these Skechers no show mesh liners were the perfect way to fix the problem. Since they live up to their name and don't show (and they also don't slip or bunch up), they are a fashionable fix to my foot wear woes.

I love just about everything about the Skechers relaxed fit shoes, but I have to say, these Skechers liners made them even more comfortable-- to the point they almost feel slightly loose on my feet. They definitely solved my issues with the cheap Noracora shoes. $10 for three pair is not bad for socks that don't slip, slide or bunch. Give them a try!

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