Sunday, March 18, 2018

Get Great Skin & Longer Lashes for 20% Off

My own lashes on Lash Boost
Right now there is a special at RF Dermatologists.  Save 20% on their special offer of Lash Boost™ plus the regimen of your choice. That means you can treat sensitive skin, or adult acne, or age spots, or lines and wrinkles with their effective, dermatologist-created skincare regimens and get longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes, too!

I have personally used the Soothe Regimen which got rid of my rosacea, the Reverse Regimen which obliterated my brown spots, the Sulfur Wash and toner from the Unblemish Regimen which worked fine on my sensitive skin and am now a daily user of the Redefine Regimen which has made my skin firmer with fewer lines and wrinkles.

When I started using Lash Boost last year I had alopecia on one eyelid which my local dermatologist said she couldn't treat, even with the prescription drug, Latisse. Now thanks to Lash Boost I have my lashes back and they are longer, thicker and fuller looking... and I didn't have to pay for a trip to the dermatologist or a prescription!

Please ask me about these great products! I would be happy to tell you how to save an extra 10% - 25% above the 20% off the company offers on this special deal! These are products for healthy skin and are great for both men and women. Ask me about them today! Contact me below for more info on healthier skin.

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