Sunday, October 25, 2020

FALL-ing for Great Skin Care Products


It's FALL, y'all and I'm FALL-ing for these
great skin care products! I recommend all of them and use them every day as part of my daily beauty regimen. Why? Because they make your skin, lashes and brows look better immediately and over time*!

  • A. Lash Boost--longer, thicker looking lashes
  • B. Micro-Dermabrasion Paste--top-notch dermabrasion C. Active Hydration Body Replenish--more than moisturizer
  • D. Bright Eye Complex--reduces under-eye puffiness and circles
  • E. Active Hydration Serum--increases moisture in the skin
  • F. Brow Defining Boost--fuller, thicker-looking brows

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*Lash Boost does not provide immediate results like the other products but starts providing results in as few as as two weeks.

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