Friday, April 5, 2013

Are 'All-Natural' Products Really Better for Your Skin? In a Word: NO!

I used natural products from what was in my kitchen and herb garden and very little makeup up for two decades until I got skin cancer on my face about 12 years ago. Even when I worked in the cosmetics department of a well-known national department store, I rarely purchased the pricey beauty products because I didn't believe they helped create healthy skin any better than what was around my house.  

However, when I was researching what to put on my skin to treat the scars and rosacea left behind by skin cancer, I discovered just how little putting food on my face actually did for my skin. 

Skin's Natural Protective Barrier

One reason natural products like food do not make skin any healthier is the skin has a natural protective barrier that keeps substances like food and dirt out, because the molecules are too big or cumbersome to pass through the skin's layers without some kind of vehicle.

 No Digestive Mechanism

Most food contains vitamins and minerals that nourish the body when ingested in sufficient quantities, but without some way to get these vitamins and minerals OUT of the food and PAST the skin's protective barrier, they don't do much slathered on top of the skin. The stomach and intestines have the ability to break down food and absorb the nutrients. Skin DOES NOT HAVE THIS MECHANISM. If several organs are required to break down and absorb nutrients from the food we eat, how is it logical to believe the skin -- an organ which exists to keep things out -- has the capacity to absorb nutrients from food and other natural products without a little technological or medical help?

I prefer skin care products that are based upon natural ingredients but that have the technology to make them efficacious where the right ingredients actually absorb into the skin where they can work to change the skin and create healthier skin. 

A Time for Medicine

If your child becomes very ill, you probably will  give him medicine and not raw vegetables and honey to help him get better. There is a time when eating raw vegetables is great for you and a time you NEED MEDICINE to cure you. It's the same for your skin. 

Using oatmeal, beeswax and olive oil won't harm your skin and may make it feel soft while the humectants and oils are sitting on top of the skin, but they DON'T CHANGE THE SKIN. They won't hurt you, and they might make superficial cuts or dryness feel better, but they won't reverse the signs of aging like skin care products with the right combination of natural and medicated ingredients will do.


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