Friday, August 4, 2017

RF Million-Dollar Achiever on Why NOW is the Time to Join Rodan + Fields

Would you listen to someone who has sold several million dollars worth of merchandise? What if she helped pioneer a new direct selling business model with no resources, no training, and very little organization?

A multi-million-dollar achiever with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists talks about why NOW is the time to join and partner with the doctors who created Proactiv on their new line of anti-aging skincare products. 

The hard work has been done, an excellent marketing system is in place now, your business arrives in a box, and all you really have to do today to succeed is talk! 

Rodan and Fields is the number one-selling skincare brand in the U.S. across all price points, yet only about 3% of the population has heard of RF! The skincare market is wide open.

Watch the 3-minute video. Then connect with me so I can answer all your questions! Time freedom and financial freedom could be heading your way in a blue box.

Ask me about amazing clinical skincare products and start your way to clearer, healthier skin today! Join me on Facebook or email for more info! I would love to help you have healthier skin!

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