Thursday, February 7, 2013

Macro Exfoliator -- Do It Yourself Dermabrasion at Home!

Around the turn of the 21st century I had skin cancer in patches all over my face. I had used a topical treatment called Efudex, Fluoroplex on one spot, and as the cream migrated, it revealed more cancer patches all over my face.  The Efudex caused my own body to identify and fight the cancer, and each spot became an open sore as the Efudex did its work.

When the treated cancerous spots healed, they left small scars about as deep as acne scars behind. I tried microdermabrasion creams, scrubs and chemical peels, but those over-the-counter products only remove the top layer of loose dead skin and do not provide deep exfoliation.

In an effort to remove the scars and smooth my skin, my dermatologist recommended I have a series of clinical dermabrasions done on my using a medical device. I had a couple of days downtime after each treatment as my face would be red and somewhat raw looking with  a greasy ointment applied by the dermatologist. Each treatment cost $150 some 12 years ago.

 I don't know how much they would cost today, but I do know that for the price of just two dermabrasion treatments 12 years ago at my dermatologist, I can now achieve pretty dramatic results at home. Details coming soon!

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