Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Help Your Lips This Fall & Winter

My lips before and 5 days after using the Lip Renewing Serum with roller

With cooler weather and autumn activities here, now is the time to get your lips in shape for colder, dryer fall and winter weather.

The Lip Renewing Serum dramatically changed my lips a bit over a year ago. From the time I was in college (maybe earlier), I have suffered with dry, flaking skin on my lips so that I rarely wore lipstick because it would cake around my dry... skin and make it worse. My lips would frequently sting and burn all year long, and chapstick, vaseline, lip gloss, etc. only seemed to aggravate them.

Lip Renewing Serum rebuilds collagen, moisturizes, heals, soothes and plumps the lips while it rebuilds the vermilion border. On the rare days I didn't use it this summer, I still had no problems because my healthy lips are in such great shape now. I had the best winter of my life lip-wise last year with no rough, torn, burning chapped skin. I highly recommend this Lip Renewing Serum. It works faster and better when combined with the micro-needle skin roller, re-launching in January 2014.

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