Thursday, October 10, 2013

Health & Weight Resources: Articles About Weight Loss

 Due to America's burgeoning obesity crisis, here are some helpful articles on Health & Weight, but the bottom lime on weight loss is -- if you want to lose weight, stop making excuses and change your eating and exercise habits instead.


Baywatch, obesity and curves: what is a curvy body type? (Video)

While "Baywatch" has been in the news the last couple of days because cast members just revealed there was a 5-pound weight clause in their contracts, the Huffington post announced yesterday that obese women no longer want...

Seven signs you are not taking weight loss seriously

Many people talk weight loss and how they just can't seem to lose any weight, but a look at their lifestyle and habits usually reveals the problem. They may talk about losing weight, but they are not taking...

Shocking obesity predictions in new Centers for Disease Control report

While some Americans are living on the banks of Denial (it's not just a river), clamoring for more plus-size models and happily fooled by vanity sizing, a new report released today from the U.S. Centers for...

Health & weight: What's wrong with plus-size models?

There has been a move in recent years to "normalize" obesity. This comes from the camp of those who ignore their body mass index, who are fooled by vanity sizing, who believe Marilyn Monroe would be a size...

Health & weight: Body Mass Index (BMI)

Today vanity sizing, rumors about Marilyn Monroe's dress size and the demand for more plus-sized models are exacerbating the problem with obesity in America while they attempt to deflect attention from the real problem: Americans are getting...
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Health & weight: How big was Marilyn Monroe & what size dress did she wear?

A strange mythology has sprung up over actress and model Marilyn Monroe's dress size. For decades people have said Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 back in the 1950s. However, in more recent years, Elizabeth Hurley (2000) and...

Health & weight: What is vanity sizing?

When I was growing up, there were no clothes sized 0, much less 00. Something happened over the past few decades to cause the need for smaller sizes. The problem arose because manufacturers have been making women's clothes...

The problem with being fat: New Year's resolutions

Losing weight is one of the top New Year's resolutions for men and women alike. Weight is a problem that can't be hidden. It is no mystery when a person is overweight, and no amount of...

How to avoid gaining weight over the holidays - top 6 weight loss tips

The holiday weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year are the worst time of the year for weight gain. Several factors are at play. Obviously there are all the December holiday gatherings with their smorgasbords of tempting holidays foods, but...
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Jessica Simpson to continue as Weight Watcher's spokesperson during pregnancy

Although Jessica Simpson will continue to be the official spokesman for Weight Watchers, during much of 2013 she will not be on the plan herself thanks to her pregnancy. Simpson confirmed her second pregnancy on Christmas Day.According to TMZ...

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