Monday, June 12, 2017

Top Four Things to Know About Natural Beauty Products

The Natural beauty business is booming and has become a big industry with deep pockets and its own spin machine. Natural product pushers are quick to point the finger at the beauty industry by claiming it is unregulated and not FDA approved. Did you know this also means natural beauty products are not regulated nor are they FDA approved in most cases?

The fact is the beauty industry is self regulated with its own rules, watchdogs and organizations. And many beauty products ARE in fact FDA tested and approved. Any products that are classified as PREMIUM skincare have been approved by the FDA, so don't fall for the hype from the big all-natural industry.

And while  natural beauty products usually don't contain irritants, they often fall short in other ways.

 Here are 4 important things to know about Natural Beauty Products

1. Natural products are a good way to maintain healthy, young skin since they aren't supposed to use harsh chemicals. It is always best to read the labels because they do sometimes use ingredients that can irritate the skin. They won't do much for the skin since their molecules are usually too large to pass through the skin's protective barrier, but they typically shouldn't hurt the skin, either.

2. Many people are allergic to natural ingredients because people can be allergic to anything including aloe vera, chamomile, and other harmless-sounding ingredients

3. Natural ingredients can enhance and supplement a good skincare product but they rarely--if ever--can match the results and health benefits of using a well researched and tested clinical skincare product is always best to read the labels because they do sometimes us ingredients that can irritate skin.

4. Natural beauty products are not regulated and often get by with making claims there is no clinical proof for.

So if you have an all-natural skincare product you just love, by all means enjoy it. It probably won't hurt your skin but it probably won't change it much epithet. But a good question to ask yourself is this: when you you look at photos from a year ago, has your natural product made a big difference in your skin?

If you want to really change your skin and make it healthier, you might have to dig a little deeper.


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