Friday, March 26, 2021

LEADOKO Women's Summer Gypsy Baggy Tunic Not As Described--A Review

Online Clothing Ads Can Be Deceiving

You know the feeling. You see something online that looks perfect. You look at the specifications or sizes and it looks like a perfect match, so you order it. You can't wait to see your new purchase! A few days later it arrives... and it bears little resemblance to what you ordered. The quality is poor. The size is way off. And it may not look like the picture did online. This was all the case when I ordered the LEADOKO Women's Summer Gypsy Baggy Tunic Tops Shirt Long Sleeve Blouse on What a huge disappointment and waste of money.

Why do companies in Asia think they can say items fit a certain shoulder, bust, waist and sleeve size and then send sub-par garments that are way to small? I don't know, but if you read the reviews, this is a common problem when ordering clothing online.

You can read about my disappointing experience buying a medium-sized summer blouse at:

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