Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do You Believe the "Fat by Fifty" Lie?

It is a popular myth that most women are fat and frumpy by age 50 or 55. 

There is a cartoon of a fat and frumpy Barbie caricature with the legend "Barbie Turns 50" making the rounds again. The cartoon would be funnier if obesity were not a national health crisis and if so many women were not not fooling themselves into thinking this is how all women look at 50 or 55.

If you choose to believe the lie, you might as well buy your muumuus now while the weather is cold. Maybe you will find a good off-season sale! 

Your doctor can tell you the average weight for your age and height as well as the healthy weight for your height and age. Don't use your obese friends as the standard. Find out what the real figures are. 

While Americans are choosing to let themselves become fatter every year, obesity is still not the average weight, nor should we enable it to become the norm. Cute terms like "pleasingly plump," "full-figured," "big and beautiful," and "curvy" do not represent the toxic health hazards of being fat. Unhealthy is NOT beautiful. Anorexia is not beautiful and neither is obesity.

Thankfully, most women are NOT fat and frumpy at fifty and my readers don't have to be, either. This applies to you men, too.

Eat better. Eat less. Exercise more. Live healthy. Be beautiful. Don't believe the lie.

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