Saturday, January 25, 2014

My First Hike of 2014

Today I led my first hike of 2014. Not only that, but  it was my first hike since I pulled something in my hip in mid-November.

Of course, I have built up by walking in my neighborhood and local park, but this was my first day back in the Warner parks. I set an easy goal of a mile and a half on the paved roads in an area I knew would be relatively flat -- no sense re-injuring my hip on my first hike! I posted the hike on a couple of boards and had 14 other people show up, so it was a fun outing.

The weather, which has been brutally cold, was picture perfect. I prefer to hike when it is cool, and I felt rejuvenated being outdoors exercising and enjoying nature.

I also had purchased a green aluminum hiking pole (pictured above) which I just love and plan to use on all my future hikes in case my hip or anything else ever starts hurting on a hike again. Better safe than sorry!

I do recommend the hiking/walking sticks to anyone who has had an injury or who is approaching their senior years when things start to pop and pull. The one I got was lightweight, adjustable and under $20. You can find the SE Collapsible Walking Stick for as low as $16 on Amazon.

Hopefully I will build back up to longer trail hikes again, but slower, shorter, flatter hikes have a lot to offer, too. The important thing is to keep moving to stay healthy!

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