Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nerium Under Fire for Fraud

My face the first day I used Nerium and with my Nerium burn a few days later


The Nerium brand of skincare (now Neora) is under fire yet again and faces even more trouble now. In addition to faulty science, Nerium burns, Nerium rashes and lawsuits from celebreties like Ray Liotta for using his likeness to make false claims, now the CEO Jeff Olson is accused of massive fraud. 

Nerium burned my own sensitive skin badly and caused pimples and irritation after just three days of use which is why I began researching the products and the company. This is why I have always warned people: Nerium = bad products and bad business.

Read the article here:

Jeff Olson – CEO Nerium International Accused Of Massive Fraud

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