Thursday, March 2, 2017

Australia to Welcome New Skincare Brand in May 2017

Good news, Australian friends! The wait is almost over to be first in Australia to partner with the doctors who created Proactiv as they launch their new line of anti-aging skincare products Down Under!

This is an unprecedented opportunity! The anti-aging skincare industry is a fast growth, disposable income opportunity!

Sure, you have other direct sales companies pitching you on their businesses, but none of them have become world respected with millions of free media impressions each year. None of them are offering to let you own a piece of the company that created the #1 acne treatment in the WORLD! Not one is offering you the opportunity to represent the #1 premium anti-aging products in America, the #1 premium acne treatment in the U.S., or the #1 fastest growing skincare brand in America five years running.

Where would you be if you had been allowed to own a piece of Proactiv when it first came to Australia? You'd be wealthy beyond  your wildest dreams! This is your one chance to be first in Australia to represent the same dermatologists on their new clinical brand for men and women.

Launch date is coming up in May 2017. You have a few short weeks to pre-enroll and start talking to your friends before EVERYONE is talking to your friends! Email me for more details or Pre-enroll  with no obligation to get some free gifts and updates.

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Great Anti-Aging Skincare Is Coming to Australia

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