Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Crazy Ex-Girlfriends and Ex-Wives

Looking at male-dominated websites like Funny Junk, memes abound about crazy ex-girlfriends. The internet is full of men who think they need to "Go Their Own Way" instead of dealing with crazy women. Talking to my girlfriends the topic also comes up. 

A couple of my friends have been called "crazy ex-wives" by their husbands, and just today a woman told me she had to delete her Facebook account due to her husband's crazy ex-wife. 

I am sure some women have mental health issues, perhaps genetic, or due to addictions, or perhaps hormonal, but how many of the other "crazy" women are just average women trying to put up with a husband who is married to his business, or married to football, alcohol, porn, video games, golf, etc.?

I have known men who schedule an hour with their partner to watch a show or play a game and then rush back to work, never sharing about each other's day. These well-intentioned guys never understand the value of debriefing each other at the end of the day. In fact, in many cases the man really doesn't want to hear any "talky-talk" from his partner. Is it any wonder these women find their emotional needs unfulfilled?

Or how about a woman whose spouse is OCD and has to correct every little thing: where she puts the yellow scrubbie, how well her character reacts in a video game, if she left a paper towel on the counter, etc. with the mantra "why did or didn't you do so-and-so" dominating her life?

Some men are night owls and like to work on the computer or get frisky at 1 or 2 in the morning when their sleep-deprived partner just needs some shut-eye. The woman is not only going to suffer from lack of sleep but probably from her spouse's dissatisfaction with her unwillingness to have a romp.

Then there's the "magic coffee table" husband. I got this from a video on YouTube where a man thinks his coffee table must be magic because everything he leaves on it magically disappears. Some men never realize the time a woman spends on household chore. They just expect the coffee table to be clean each day, the laundry done, the towels folded, the meals cooked, the dishes cleaned, etc.... and some millennial men expect their girlfriends to do all of the above without a wedding ring or any financial responsibility on his part! 

Some men think the woman should do ALL the housework, even if these women have their own jobs and responsibilities. No wonder these women get emotionally overloaded.

And then there are men who cheat. They deserve crazy ex-wives or ex-girlfriends. They earned them. 

So yes, maybe your husband's ex-wife seems a little crazy, but maybe he is doing all the things for YOU that he never did for HER. Maybe she stuck with him for two, ten, 15 years to help him make his fortune and maybe he's spending that fortune on his new younger, hotter, trophy wife. That would make me a little crazy, too. 

Next time you hear about someone's "crazy ex-girlfriend," take a closer look. I have come to believe that behind many crazy ex-wives and ex-girlfriends are the men who drove them crazy.

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