Thursday, February 1, 2018

Are Essential Oils Safe?

We hear a lot of hype today about natural products like essential oils as well as related products like herbal supplements and all-natural beauty products, but are these products all they are cracked up to be. More importantly, are essential oils and other so-called all-natural products safe?

It is so important to realize that all-natural products are NOT by definition safe and can be harmful to your health. For instance, poison ivy is all natural. So is rattlesnake venom.

It is equally important to understand that the all-natural industry is a huge, money-making industry with its own big spin machine as well as mom and pop websites and Facebook pages all too happy to regurgitate the latest spin without any scientific fact checking

When asked if products labeled :natural" or "organic" are by default safe,  the FDA states that not all natural products are safe and that all ingredients--both natural and clinical--must meet the same safety requirements.

One of the worst problems produced by the all-natural industry is its hype against medicine and the fact some people delay going to a doctor because they are trying to treat a condition "naturally." My own mother delayed going to her doctor while she rubbed oils on a small lesion on her leg for months. By the time she went to the doctor, the melanoma had spread to her lymph nodes. She died a few years later after many painfully invasive surgeries.

So do your due diligence when looking at essential oils, herbal supplements and other all-natural products. Understand you are looking at a big, money-making industry. The people producing these oils often don't have clinical trials, science or facts behind them, and the people selling them have little to no training and just want to make some extra money.

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