Sunday, February 9, 2014

Did You Know? Acne and Sunscreen

Limit sun exposure when using an acne product and don’t skip the sunscreen if you have acne. People often believe that sun helps to clear up their acne because a tan masks the redness of a breakout and in fact, sometimes pimples do dry up a bit faster. However, over time, sun exposure causes more breakouts rather than clearing them up.

With every tan, cell turnover increases, building up more dead cells, blocking pores, causing more
breakouts. On top of that, UV rays will intensify post-acne dark marks. Skipping the sunscreen is not an effective way to treat acne and will often make it worse.

UV exposure worsens both acne and redness and benzoyl peroxide may increase sensitivity. That's why acne sufferers should always use an oil control broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen.

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