Monday, March 17, 2014

TOXIC! All Natural vs Conspiracy Theories

My mother grew up on a farm, read "Prevention Magazine," and believed in all natural products. When she developed a mole on her leg, she treated it for two years with olive oil, bacon grease and honey. The melanoma could have been removed in time, but her natural remedies killed her by making her wait too long for REAL help.

I lived in India for three years and returned for a summer after college. India is home to Linseed Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Dill Oil India and many other other essential oils and "natural" remedies, some of which my mother also used. The people of India do not look any younger than the people of our country who DON'T use essential oils. They are not healthier. If anything, they age more quickly and die younger.

Do I use olive oil? Sure I do, for cooking and I rub whatever is on the cap on my hands. Do I raise my own garden? Sure I do, and I buy from grocery stores, too. Do I use honey? Sure I do in tea and other beverages and it is a natural humectant in the skin care products I use along with medical ingredients. But there has to be a BALANCE or temperance between all-natural and medicinal when it comes t skin care. 

I can paint with my big brush and say essentials oils don't seem to have helped the people of Asia much the past 1,000 years, and that Western medicine has raised the life span of those countries by decades. You can paint with your big brush and say the government, agriculture industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, medical industry are all part of a huge, multi-industry conspiracy to sell, sell sell. However, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Herbs, essential oils and other natural products have some benefits, and there are some "natural" organizations and businesses that buy lobbyists, publish websites and magazines and pump out a lot of misinformation to sell more natural products because they make more money that way.

By the same token, some government and Big Business leaders are corrupt, and they also buy lobbyists and pump out a lot of misinformation to make money. However, there is very little liklihood that a huge multi-industry conspiracy exists that includes the American Cancer Society and the Mayo Clinic, to poison us with Aspartame or skin care product ingredients. After all, taxpayers who live longer and healthier pay more taxes.

Don't hit the panic button. Check the facts. Look for legitimate scientific studies. Find the balance.


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