Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exclusive mystery skin care product from leading dermatologist to be announced this week

A leading skin care company is about to make a major product breakthrough announcement that has the skin care industry buzzing. Rodan + Fields Dermatologists will do their Big Reveal at the national convention in Atlanta this weekend.

Dr. Katie Rodan and her business partner, Dr. Kathy Fields, made history in the 1990s when they developed the first multi-med therapy for acne — Proactiv.

Then the doctors, both now women in the 50s, decided to turn their attention to the problems of aging skin. They created four main regimens: REDEFINE to address wrinkles and lines; REVERSE to address age spots and melasma; SOOTHE to treat sensitive skin and rosacea; and UNBLEMISH to treat adult acne and cystic acne. 

The new anti-aging skin care product has already been enthusiastically received by beauty editors whose stories should break in October issues in time to coincide with the coming product announcement.

Read more about the new product here: Exclusive mystery product from Rodan + Fields to be announced this week - Examiner


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