Sunday, August 6, 2017

Top 4 Benefits of Playing Video Games

Is Video Gaming Bad for You???

While many articles have been written in the past about the harmful effects of playing video games for 30 minutes or more each day, more and more studies are being done that point to the wellness benefits of regular gaming on the brain, eyesight, and surprisingly, mental health as it relates to happiness, self-awareness  and attention span.

Here are four positive results researchers have uncovered from studying video gaming

1.The brain has been shown to get bigger as a result of playing video games.
2. Gamers are actually happier and more self-aware than their non-gaming peers.
3. Gaming can improve eyesight according to some research.
4. Video games can help improve attention issues.

This does not negate the effects of violent games and games that objectify women. Certainly violent games and games that minimize women into bimbos have a negative effect on boys and men, but the other positive results point to the benefits of many games that are free from gratuitous violence and sexual connotations.

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