Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Blog Formerly Known as skinhealthandbeauty.wordpress

If you are looking for the blog formerly known as skinhealthandbeauty.wordpress, you have found it! Having been on Blogger and Blogster for a couple of years before hearing how great WordPress was, I have given WordPress a two-year trial with my Skin, Health & Beauty blog and been very disappointed in the results.

Skin, Health & Beauty is now at Blogger, where we should have been from the beginning. I like the format, the ease of setting up the layout, the widgets and the convenience of using my Google account info. I love having my latest YouTube videos displayed at the bottom of the page. And let's face it, WordPress can be squirrelly.

It will take time to rebuild two years of work, but I am well on my way to recreating most of my old content as well as adding new content. If you had a favorite article, use the search tool and see if you can find it here. If not, it just hasn't been added yet.

Keep checking back as Skin, Health & Beauty continues to bring you the latest skin care, health and beauty news. If you have any questions, contact

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