Saturday, November 14, 2020

Skechers Shindigs Women's Boots--a Review


Skechers has once again delivered an excellent product. Regular readers of this blog will know I enjoy hiking for recreation and fitness, so when it was time for a new pair of hiking boots, I thought of Skechers. This time instead of ordering from Skechers website directly, these boots came from Amazon. Amazon has a good selection of Skechers Shindigs women's boots at reasonable prices. I was not disappointed.

The chocolate leather Shindigs boots I ordered are lightweight, comfortable and sturdy. Mine go above the ankles for extra support when hiking the trails or walking the dog. The chocolate brown color is great with just about anything. 

The Skechers Shindig line comes with classic rubber-traction outer sole design and a comfy air-cooled memory foam insole. The boots come in shoe-boot height as well as above the ankle like mine and are available in both leather and suede.

Skechers Shindigs Women's Boots Review

It's little wonder that the boots score a 5 out of 5 stars on the Skechers site. That's exactly what I rate them. Five stars for an attractive leather boot that is lightweight, sturdy and comfortable at a decent price. 

Skechers Shindigs Women's Boots *****

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